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Bitcoin Bank Vaults El Salvador’s Crypto Dream: Can It Weather The Storm?

Bitcoinist 19 Jun 2024
El Salvador, capitalizing on its geothermal riches, is embarking on the ambitious Volcano Energy Project, aiming to become a global leader in eco-friendly Bitcoin mining by harnessing the power of its fiery volcanoes.

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Jewish World Review 18 Jun 2024
CBS News aired a video of police in El Salvador burning a pile of three tons of cocaine Saturday in the center of the town square in the capital city of San Salvador.

Nayib Bukele promotes a Bitcoin investment bank in El Salvador

The Cleveland American 17 Jun 2024
Nayib Bukele proposes establishing a private investment bank in El Salvador ... It requires a capital of at least $50 million and at least two shareholders ... Melina Mayorga, El Salvador's ambassador to the United States.

Argentina considers El Salvador-style mega-prisons to tackle crime

AOL 17 Jun 2024
Built in 2023 in a remote area 50 miles southeast of the capital San Salvador, the jail can hold 40,000 prisoners, reputedly making it the largest prison in the world ... “El Salvador was the most violent country.

Loons’ Zarek Valentin calls out Puerto Rico federation for low pay to players

Post Bulletin 15 Jun 2024
... in San Salvador last week. He flew to El Salvador’s capital on Monday, June 3, trained with the national team two days and played 90 minutes in the match before returning to Minnesota on June 7.

El Salvador authorities burn 2.7-ton pile of cocaine amid gang crackdown

Sandhills Express 13 Jun 2024
Salvadoran police released images and video this week of the huge pile of drugs being burned in the town of Ilopango, east of the capital San Salvador ... Recently, El Salvador’s government transferred ...

Welcome to hell: Inside brutal El Salvador mega prison where thousands of gang members are ...

The Daily Mail 12 Jun 2024
Pictures released by the Government of El Salvador show the new arrivals being processed ... The number of homicides in El Salvador - considered by many to be the murder capital of the world - tumbled 56.8 percent in 2022 following his crackdown.

What Does Hyperbitcoinization Look Like?

Bitcoin Magazine 07 Jun 2024
Ultimately, that faction will cave due to capital flight ... High state capital gains taxes in New York and California also punish wealthy individuals, further incentivizing them to move to places like Texas where the state capital gains tax is zero.

Kuwait Amir Rep. attends in El Salvaor Pres. swearing-in ceremony

Kuna 03 Jun 2024
... ties with El Salvador on all possible levels ... He was sworn in as President on June 1 at the Presidential Palace in the capital San Salvador.

Milei Meets Bukele in El Salvador

Colombia One 03 Jun 2024
The President of Argentina, Javier Milei, met with his Salvadoran counterpart, Nayib Bukele, during the inauguration of the head of state of El Salvador for his second term in the capital of the country ... in El Salvador – Credit.

El Salvador Grants Free Citizenship to Skilled Foreign Workers

Colombia One 02 Jun 2024
El Salvador free citizenship program is Bukele’s latest move to modernize the country ... Recently, Google inaugurated an office in the capital, San Salvador, aiming to help with the country’s digitalization.

China-aided new dock for La Libertad port officially delivered

Xinhua 01 Jun 2024
An important tourism area in El Salvador, La Libertad lies about 30 kilometers away from San Salvador, the country's capital ... An important tourism area in El Salvador, La Libertad lies about 30 kilometers away from San Salvador, the country's capital.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele cements power as he begins second term

Al Jazeera 01 Jun 2024
list of 3 itemslist 1 of 3Human rights crisis in El Salvador ‘deepening’. AmnestyHuman rights crisis in El Salvador ... The former publicist and mayor will take the oath of office at the National Palace in the capital, San Salvador, on Saturday.

U.S. dampens criticism of El Salvador’s president as migration overtakes democracy concerns

Wtop 01 Jun 2024
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) — In 2021, the Biden administration turned down a meeting request with El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele on a trip to the U.S. capital, snubbing the ...